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    Sunset Lamp

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    Aluminum Lamp Cap

    • Aluminum has excellent heat dissipation ability, which can prevent the bulb from burning out due to high temperature.

    PS: it is normal for the head of the lamp to generate heat, because only about 30% of the electric energy of the LED light source is converted into light energy, and the rest of the energy is converted into heat energy. Therefore, we use aluminum materials with excellent heat dissipation capacity instead of plastic materials. This will prevent the bulb from burning out.

    Iron Lamp Base

    • The hard iron material can prevent the lamp base from cracking.

    APP Control

    • Color adjustment
    • Multiple flashing modes
    • Dimming
    • Timing function
    • Music rhythm

    PS: You can scan the QR code or download the APP through the link.

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    Remote Control

    • 16 colors variable
    • Four modes
    • Adjustable brightness

    Note: The remote control does not include batteries. The battery model is: AAA


    • Lamp cap: Aluminum
    • Base: Iron
    • Lens: Acrylic

    Angle Adjustment

    • The lamp cap supports 180 ° adjustment


    • Power: 7W
    • Voltage: 5V
    • Plug type: USB
    • Cable length: 125CM / 49.21inches
    • Height: 24 cm/9.44 inches

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