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    Soda Dispenser

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    🍷 Less Effort And Stylish Way To Serve Soft Drinks 🥰

    The Water Cola Red Party Sprite Dispenser gives you a more comfortable and fun drinking experience. made from high-quality plastic material that is safe and non-toxic.

    Easy to use and convenient on most occasions, simply flip the bottle attach to the dispenser and away you go.

    Minimize spillage and waste with its subtle design and the use of gravity even children will have no issues getting a drink for themselves.

    A perfect drinking gadget for parties to dispense drinks more conveniently. This plastic bottle composed of sturdy material can fit any soda bottle.

    It can hold liters of drinks and provides easy setup and disassembly for cleaning. Just attach the mouth of the bottle upside down on the stand and let people line up for your refreshing drinks.

    Product Features:

    • Portable, mini and automatic.
    • Suitable for most drink bottles.
    • Switch control can be more convenient and useful.
    • The water outlet is the same as the conventional water dispenser.

    Product Specifications:

    • Material:ABS Plastic
    • Position: Upside Down
    • Dispensing Control: Faucet
    • Single Size: 16 * 12 * 17.5cm / 6.3 * 4.72 * 6.89"
    • Color: Clear/Red

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