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    BONO SHARK ™ (NEW 2022)

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    Bono Shark ™ is unleashing a revolution in comfort and style! It comes with Insoles that offer unprecedented comfort, combined with a fun and legendary shark design. Our happy shark slippers are made of high-quality EVA, are environmentally friendly, have no special odor, make no noise, do not absorb water, and are simple to clean. Thick sole, lovely pattern design, and a unique open-toe design. When you put on soft shark slippers, you will feel happy and surprised, as if you are walking in the clouds.

    The softest slippers you've ever worn, The most stylish slippers you'll ever own With each step, you will feel pain relief. It's like walking through clouds. Our shark slides are built around an orthopedic insole that provides one of the most comfortable walking surfaces. Wear them inside, outside, and even near water because they have anti-slip treads that grip wet surfaces!

    The cute shark slippers open and close the shark's mouth as you walk, which is fun and interesting. Concave soles cushion the impact on your toes. These cute shark slippers have candy-like colors, and their white teeth are very vivid, which shark fans adore. You can wear these slippers anywhere, including the garden, bathroom, swimming pool, and beach.

    By maximizing the thickness of our insoles, we offer more comfortable support than your usual slippers. Bono Shark ™  will be the most comfortable slippers you've ever had with a design that doesn't go unnoticed! If you work from home, play games all day, or are a student, mom, or dad, Bono Shark ™ is meant for you. It's suitable for all ages, all genders, and to put it simply, it's meant for everybody.


    • made of high-density premium EVA, incredibly soft, flexible, the non-marking material is floor friendly.
    • lightweight, soft, comfortable, breathable and water-resistant.
    • Designed with a concave sole that protects your toes from kicking off table legs or door sills.
    • A non-slip sole that will keep you walking worry-fre

    • A simple and fashionable design that keeps you happy

    • provide responsive support and shock absorption for long days of wear.

    • built with slip-resistant textures that provide added traction and stability.
    Foot size EUR UK US
    23 cm 36-37 3,5-4,5 4-5
    24 cm 38-39 5-6
    25 cm 40-41 6,5-7,5
    26 cm 42-43 8-9
    27 cm 44-45 9,5-10,5


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