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    Mini Fruit Kiwi Cutter

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    🥰 Easily And Professionally Cut Kiwi Specific Parts 🥝

    Kiwi is small and slippery fruits, they easily slip off your hands while cutting and make a mess. Getting the fruit itself isn’t easy but not anymore.

    This kiwi peeler and the quarter cutter is the solution. It’s simple to use and mess-free. Just cut the fruit in half, slide the metal cutter in until it gets to the skin (without ripping it) and twist. You’ll now be left will perfect peeled quarter to eat as a snack or for a smoothie.

    Product Features:

    • Mess-Free Kiwi Peeling: This tool makes neat work of peeling and cutting kiwi and other small fruits. Reduce messy drips by containing the juices within the intact kiwi skin. Cut down on messy utensils by using one intuitive tool. Simply slice your kiwi in half, then insert the kiwi tool. Give it a quick twist, and then enjoy perfectly peeled and sliced kiwi.

    • Quick Fruit Salsas: Easily quarter kiwis to throw into fruit salad or enjoy as a healthy snack. The simple two-step process will leave you with beautifully prepared kiwi with a quick turn of the hand. Cut down on your meal prep process with this nifty tool by completely removing the skin and segmenting the kiwi into evenly sized pieces.

    • Easy-Grip Handle: Contoured handle makes it comfortable to hold as you slice and peel the kiwi. Unique shape helps you keep a firm hold on the tool while you work, ensuring easy and quick fruit prep.

    • Durable Construction: Stainless steel wire and sturdy nylon create a durable kitchen tool that will last through many, many kiwi slices. With a smooth nylon top and stiff, durable stainless steel wires, this tool will work reliably as you peel and quarter a variety of kiwi.

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