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    Lid Protector Caps

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    🧃 Turn Your Can Into A Bottle! 😎

    To reuse the Lid Protector Caps just wash and simply snap onto another can. This allows you to travel without spills and keeps your drinks carbonated longer.

    This also eliminates the possibility of unwanted insects that can be crawling into your canned drinks.

    Soda Can Savers

    A plastic re-closable top designed to snap onto virtually all 12 and 16-ounce aluminum beverage cans.

    It effectively converts the ordinary, messy can into an easily portable, re-closable, non-spilling, identifiable bottle. More benefits of Lid Protector Caps include preventing bugs and bees from getting into your can, and keeping the fizz from getting out!

    Soda Can Savers

    Lid Protector Caps will keep your drinks fresh for days! When your can is empty simply Caps onto a new beverage and you’re ready to go! Lid Protector Caps are reusable, and come in an assortment of colors for personal can identity, so you’ll never mistake your drink for someone else’s gain!

    Soda Can Savers

    Product Benefits:

    • No more flat taste: 100% locked to keep your soda fizzy to remain the original taste.
    • Safe during the drive: allow you to travel with your canned drink without the fear of spilling.
    • No one but you: prevent insects from crawling into your drinks when having a picnic.
    • Eco-friendly: just wash the lid and simply snap it onto another can for reuse.

    Soda Can Savers

    Save you a lot of money because there is no need to throw out another fizzy beverage that went flat.

    • Turn your favorite canned drink into a bottle.
    • Can be reused, just wash and simply snap onto another can.
    • Reduce the possibility of unwanted insects crawling into your drink.
    • Travel with your canned drink and don’t worry about spilling out.
    • Cans of soda did not leak with Bottle Tops attached.
    • Bottle Tops are an excellent way to prevent spilling when you are drinking soda at picnics.
    • Bottle top lids come in a wide variety of colors. Each person chooses a color, ensuring cans won’t be mixed up between people.

    Soda Can Savers

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