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    Kitchen Gas Stove Baffle

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    🤩 Always See Your Kitchen Clean Using With Kitchen Gas Stove Baffle 😎

    The Kitchen Gas Stove Baffle has three hinged panels that adjust to fit any size burner or pan. It is used to keep cooking surfaces, counters, walls and floors free from grease splatters!

    This helps eliminate burns, messy clean-up and is ideal for protecting walls while using a mixer bowl. Three hinged panels unfold and surround your pans and skillets to provide a tall, protective barrier against hot, harmful grease.

    Product Features:

    • Clean Environment - Cooking is fun, but cleaning up isn't something that you'll look forward to doing. This splash guard for pans prevents splattering oil or grease all over your cooking space, for instance, such as your stove, walls, counters, or floor.


    • Pleasant Cooking Appliance - Splatter shield guard will eventually help you avoid burns during cooking since it surrounds your pans and skillets to provide a tall, protective barrier against hot oil. Besides that, it's designed with beautiful illustrations to decorate your kitchen.

    • Foldable & Convenient Storage - Our oil splatter shield guard is made with a quality aluminum foil tin plate and three hinged panels that could be folded easily. It won't take a lot of space up in your storage.

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    • Application - Ideal for a wide variety of design settings, great for adding a decorative touch to any room's decor. Perfect for everyday use, wedding, events, spa. It is also a perfect gift to crown that birthday, anniversary, housewarming, or holiday.

    • Easy to Store & Use - can be folded to store when not in use. just place a three-panel shield or two-panel shield around your pan while cooking.

    Product Specification:

    • Material: Aluminum foil
    • Size:84*32.5cm(Before folding)

    Package Included:1pc plate

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