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    Kids Cabin Construction Kit

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    šŸ„° Tired Of Seeing Your Children Spending Hours In Front Of The Screens?Ā šŸ¤©

    Children increasingly tend to spend endless hours in front of their screens. This exposure can interfere with the proper development of their brain capacities and can be felt throughout their lives.

    DiscoverĀ Kids Cabin Construction Kit, the game that will stimulate your child's abilities, keep them away from screens while having fun.

    KidsĀ Cabin Construction KitĀ is a kit of 51 construction sticks and 36 connecting balls that allows children to create the structure they imagine. A tipi, a tent, a castle ... Your child will be ableĀ to stimulate his creativity and gain self-confidenceĀ by seeing his ideas come true.

    • Easy to assemble:Ā 
      The kit is made so that each part is easy to use for assembly and disassembly. By constructing different structures, the child will also develop his coordination eye-main and motor skills. Ready to follow him for moments of sharing away from harmful screens?

    • Resistant:
      Kids Cabin Construction Kit is specially designed for the most energetic children. The plastic used is reinforced to resist all the little monsters. Recommended from 5 years and over to channel children while stimulating their creative mind.
    • Great gift idea:
      out of inspiration for a gift?Kids Cabin Construction Kitis a gift that is sure to please and help the child to grow well. The latest kits are currently on sale!

    • Valuation of the child:
      The ease of use and the endless possibilities play on the esteem of the child who feels valued.
    • Help your child grow up well now and make their life easier!

    Package Includes:

    • Ā Material:Ā Plastic
    • Ā x36 Junction balls (4cm)
    • Ā x51 Construction sticks (Size 31cm)
    • Ā Recommended for children aged 5 and over
    • Ā certification:Ā CE

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